Customer Support


How do I watch a course?

After you buy a product (course, edit, etc) you can watch it later at your own convenience on the website. You can watch it as many times as you like. Start and stop and go back over each piece until you’re happy with it.

I made a purchase, how do I find it?

After making a purchase on this website, it automatically shows up in your account under your Digital Content Library. You can also click into the purchase from your email confirmation.

Do you have a Facebook group?

Yes, we have many. You do not need to purchase a product to be in the main group. Likewise, if you have made purchase(s) and break the agreed upon group rules you will be banned and not refunded. Membership in ANY of the MBP groups and past purchases of products are mutually exclusive

How do I join a Foundations course?

Each Foundations course has a downloadable file available after purchase that details where to go to join your course along with the secret code you will need to join.

I can't log in or the site doesn't recognize my email. What do I do?

All previous customers were emailed an account activation email. You will need to set up a new, unique password when logging into the site for the first time. If you did not receive an account activation email, or cannot access your old email account, please contact support.

I received an error when trying to upload an action, preset, overlay, etc. Can you help?

We do not offer software support. If you are receiving error messages related to the software or machine you are using, please contact that respective manufacturer.

It's been one hour and Support hasn't responded. Why not?

Support is available M-F 9am-5pm EST. Please allow one business day to receive a response. 

I made a purchase and changed my mind. When will I receive a refund?

All purchases of digital assets are NON REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you read product descriptions to ensure correct product purchase.

I emailed Support and have not received a response. Why not?

Support is available to answer any questions related to website outages, issues accessing your account, etc. Please do not send duplicate inquiries. Support will respond as applicable.

I purchased a digital asset three years ago. Can Support tell me what asset I purchased?

Support is not available to assist in navigating customer purchase histories. Your digital asset library should be downloaded and organized to your machine or storage as you see fit.

How do I use my digital assets?

We offer an entire library of "How To" resources. Click HERE to get started.